Mexican consular fees

When you apply for a visa at a Mexican consulate abroad, the consulate will make a consular charge of $47 US dollars (or local currency equivalent if you are not in the USA) for the visa processing service.

Residente Temporal card fees

When you arrive in Mexico with your residency visa, you must exchange this within 30 days for a residency card.

The fees for exchanging a Residente Temporal visa (sticker) for a Residente Temporal card OR renewing an existing Residente Temporal card for an additional year(s) are:

  • Residente Temporal 1 year: $4,739 Mexican pesos
  • Residente Temporal 2 years: $7,100 Mexican pesos
  • Residente Temporal 3 years: $8,993 Mexican pesos
  • Residente Temporal 4 years: $10,658 Mexican pesos

Note: Your first Residente Temporal permit is always issued for only one year. Renewals after the first year may grant an additional 1, 2, or 3 years of temporary residency – fees as above.

Residente Temporal Estudiante card fees

People applying for a Residente Temporal Estudiante (temporary resident permit as a student in Mexico) are charged the consulate fee (see above). Still, there are no charges to exchange the visa (sticker) for a card or renew the card for an additional year(s). However, note that temporary residency as a student carries additional restrictions other temporary residents do not have.

Residente Permanente card fee

The fee for exchanging a Residente Permanente visa (sticker) for a Residente Permanente card is $5,776 Mexican pesos.  This is also part of the fee when you convert a temporary residency card to a permanent residency card, see next section.

Fee for converting Residente Temporal to Residente Permanente

If after 4 consecutive years living in Mexico under the auspice of Residente Temporal or Residente Temporal Estudiante you apply to convert your temporary residency status to a permanent residency in Mexico, you will need to pay a ‘change of status fee’ of $1,514 Mexican pesos in addition to the fee for the Residente Permanente card, see previous section.

Exit/Re-entry permit fees

Suppose you need to leave Mexico while a residency-related procedure is in-train. In that case, you must apply and pay for an Exit/Re-entry permit, as you will not have your residency documents while the procedure is administered. The fee for an Exit/Re-entry permit is $484 Mexican pesos.

Residency card replacement fee

If your Temporary or Permanent residency card becomes damaged or lost, you must apply for a new card and pay a replacement fee.  This is currently $1,459 Mexican pesos.  Residency card replacement procedures depend on whether you lost your card in Mexico or abroad, and you will need to enter into a bureaucratic procedure to get it replaced.  Consider using our Immigration Assistance Service to help you.

Residency status ‘Regularization’ fee

If you need to enter a ‘Regularization’ procedure (for example, if your residency card has expired), you will need to pay a ‘Regularization’ fee of $1,514 Mexican pesos and any other fees/fines. 

Work permission fee on Residente Temporal card

If you apply for work permissions on a Residente Temporal card, a fee of $3,558 Mexican pesos will be levied in addition to any other fees (e.g., visa sticker exchange fee, ‘Regularization’ fee).

Note: If you hold a Residente Permanente card, you don’t need to pay this fee, but you must inform the immigration office about any changes to your work arrangements.

Family Unit FMM exchange fee

Suppose you apply to exchange a Visitor’s Visa (FMM) in-country for a residential permit (Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente) under the Family Unit rules. In that case, you will need to pay a ‘change of status’ fee of $1,514 Mexican pesos, in addition, the corresponding resident card fee listed above.